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Who we are

November 2015, I attended the TED Talk, U-Turn, at Uppsala University, Sweden. Due to the limited seats and huge crowds, the organizer asked everyone to submit a short story about their U-Turn in life. They will choose the attendees based on the story they submit. In the event, they gathered all the attendees’ U-Turn stories in a small booklet. I remember reading it and thinking, WOW… everyone has such unique journey in their lives.


When I was 20, I thought my U-Turn was getting in my dream Bachelor course and living away from my parents. When I was 26, I thought my U-turn was that I went study in London and eventually got a job and lived a life there. When I was 32, I thought my U-Turn was moving to Sweden and become a mother. But then, when I turn 35, my 2nd child arrived with an extra chromosome, “He has Downs Syndrome.”, the doctor broke the news to me in the NICU. I knew instantly this is THE U-TURN in my life and no any other U-Turns will be bigger than this. I cried straight for three months, buried in my own sorrows then I woke up one day and remembered that there are others who also need my attention, my kids, my little family and other beautiful things in life. So, in short:

We are a family of two parents, two lovely kids and two friendly cats, living in middle of Sweden, Järvsö.

We have always been a fan of using old Swedish porcelain. In 2018, influenced by my dear friend, Lily (GoNordicFikaStyle), we also began collecting antiques, art and design items. Sharing photos of those beautiful artwork on Instagram and we got some attentions from around the globe and it pushes us to set up this website. We have selections from Marianne Westman, Stig Lindberg, Lillemor Mannerheim.... and many more. I am not sure where we are going with this new journey. Will this be a new U-Turn for me and my family? Will this be a bigger U-Turn that we create together?

Do come back here from time to time, especially on Sundays, when we update new products. Welcome to the world of Nordic Retro Cat!!

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