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Autumn in Sweden

When a friend asks us when is the best time to visit Sweden.

Our answer is normally summer!! when all the activities are on going. But if your schedule cannot meet the short Swedish summer (usually from June to August, but it did happened that there were June snow. I know. I know. :-( ), then early autumn is definitely a good time to visit, too.

This is the time when all the trees change colours. The whole Sweden is just beautiful wherever you go. So many times, I was touched by the colours of nature when I drive my son to school, I had the urge of getting out of car and kiss the earth. (I didn't! Don't dare me!) The red, orange, yellow and green... aaaaamazingly beautiful. You just need to make sure you get here before November.

It is also from mid August, all the wild

berries start to mature and await for anyone to pick them. Those so called superfood, lingonberry and blueberry, contains lots of vitamin C, vitamin A and minerals.

We normally make them into jam or concentrated juice, which will then supply us the whole year and sometimes enough to give away as presents.

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