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Cats and pets

I feel the responsibility to introduce our cats, since our little business is named 'Nordic Retro Cat'. We have two lovely grey tiger stripes fur cats (Tabby is the breed or grey tiger), Romeo and Julia. They are brother and sister. They are 6 years old and have been adopted by us since 2015, when they were 3 months old. We live in the city but our cats are free to go in and out of the house in their free will. This freedom of moving makes them happier and more ease with their environment, even though they stay indoor most of the time.

Sweden is a pet friendly country and there are laws for pet owners to follow in order to protect the pets' rights. Since 2020 pandemic, there are more Swedes become pet owners, and those pets are called, pandemic-pets. So, I see more people walk their dogs in the day and in the night. This summer, when our family travel north to chase the mid-night sun, we even met a family of four, parents with two kids, travelling on their bikes with their dog, sitting in a tri-wheeled trolley. Amazing, right?!

Cats are so independent that they take care of themselves so well. They clean after themselves, they wash their face and their fur. They don't need much attention, and they sleep 23 hours a day. At home, Julia is the boss, and Romeo is the follower. If there are cat fights in the neighbour, it is Julia who to go for a look out, and Romeo will rush in the house, hides himself in the basement. In the woods, Romeo is the mice hunter. He easily catches 3 mice a day. Most of the time he eats them, too. It is 1PM on a Sunday afternoon, and they are both sleeping in their cozy corners.

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